Customized laser cleaning

2019-09-28 keywords:More

More photoelectric laser is committed to changing the needs of customers into a high-level professional laser cleaning program.
Customized equipment: according to the customer's on-site requirements, simplify the complexity, customize the structure and polarization efficiency.
Customized process: provide customized process for customers' special cleaning objects or special surface quality requirements.
Customized function: provide laser cleaning, marking, welding and other laser precision processing development.
Fully understand customers' cleaning needs, and provide personalized pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.

1. Cleaning equipment for inner wall of pipeline, with diameter no less than 6cm

2. Laser cleaning equipment for gear and mould (solution in the field of
auto parts manufacturing)

3. Large simplified weld cleaning (cleaning solutions in aerospace and petrochemical fields)

4、Portable trolley box type cleaning machine (scientific research, detection
and other outdoor operations)