Mechanical Automation Engineer

Job Duties
1、According to the company's development plan, carry out research and development and trial production of automation equipment;
2、According to the information provided by customers, plan and design non-standard equipment and automation technology scheme;
3、Evaluate the corresponding cost according to the scheme, and be responsible for the mechanical structure design of non-standard automation equipment and fixture.
4、Selection of key components of equipment, finite element analysis, kinematics and dynamics analysis of key components;
5、Engineering Design, System Configuration, Exit Testing and Field Debugging of Automation Projects;
6、Project design management, such as project design progress coordination, quality control, project resource organization, etc.
7、Assist in setting up and perfecting engineering design template and instruct equipment installation and commissioning on site.

Job Requirements
1. Bachelor's degree or above in mechanical and automation related specialty. Experience or ability in mechanical design such as non-standard equipment, automation production line, etc.;
2. More than 3 years design experience of non-standard automation equipment, proficient in using Solidworks and Auto CAD design software;
3. Familiar with mechanical transmission, mechanical structure and processing technology, familiar with material and heat treatment knowledge;
4. Have knowledge of pneumatic system and basic knowledge of electronic control, and independently complete automation projects;
5. Self-motivated, responsible, good department communication and coordination skills; strong pressure resistance and teamwork spirit.