Sales manager

Job Duties
1、Sales management position responsible for major objectives and plans in its functional areas;
2、Developing, participating in or assisting upper management in implementing relevant policies and systems;
3、Responsible for daily management of department and management, guidance, training and evaluation of department staff;
4、Responsible for the organization's sales operations, including planning, organization, schedule control and review;
5、Assist Sales Director in setting sales objectives, sales models, sales strategies, sales budgets and incentive plans;
6、Establish and manage sales team to achieve sales objectives;
7、Provide guidance suggestions for product development from the perspective of sales and customer demand.

Job Requirements
1、College degree or above, major in marketing, etc.;
2、More than 3 years working experience in sales industry, experience in sales management is preferred;
3、Has abundant customer resources and customer relations, excellent performance;
4、Strong ability of market analysis, marketing, promotion and interpersonal communication, coordination, analysis and problem solving;
5、Strong career ambition, leadership ability and ability to travel.