Optical Engineer

Job Duties
1、Responsible for optical design and optimization, good at the analysis of optical principles, can analyze the root causes of abnormal problems in the design and manufacturing process and countermeasures.
2、Responsible for innovative laser design and research and development, can improve the structure of optical design and explore, for the company to improve efficiency and reduce consumption.
3、Responsible for the management of laser project development, design and form technical drawings and documents according to the requirements of the product project.
4、Responsible for the evaluation and evaluation of product optics scheme, can improve the structure of optical design and excavate, improve efficiency, reduce consumption, proofing and so on.
5、Responsible for debugging and assembling of new products in trial production stage, confirming the optical system and its optical path, and timely analyzing and dealing with the optical technology problems of products.

Job Requirements
1、Bachelor degree or above, major in laser, optics, physics, etc.
2、More than three years of laser equipment debugging experience, with relevant optical products, hardware design and development capabilities, skilled use of Zemax or related design software;
3、Active, patient, practical and communicative, willing to learn and think actively.