Mobile laser cleaning equipment
No damage on material surface
Diode pumped laser
Optional operation mode
Long working distance (up to 250mm)
Average power up to 200W
Laser class IV
Application example

• Pretreatment of brake pad before powder spraying
• High end mold cleaning
• Pretreatment of power battery terminal before welding
• Paint removal of aircraft skin in small area
• Pretreatment of sealing hole of power battery before welding
• Paint stripping
• Surface preparation before bonding
• Semiconductor surface pretreatment before packaging

Specification parameter

System characteristics:
• Raptor-200 Automatic laser cleaning system
• Laser working distance can reach 250mm
• Fiber length can reach 2-8m
• Remote control module
• Touch screen operation

Cooling system Internal air cooling system
laser power(W) 200
Wavelength(nm) 1064
Power supply requirements 220V AC
Maximum power consumption(W) 1000
Minimum / maximum operating temperature(°C) 5-40
Temperature requirement(%) 10-95
Laser grade IV