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Principle analysis of laser bird repellent

2019-02-12 keywords:More

For birds, vision is the most sensitive, especially for 532 nm green laser. Using this characteristic, the laser bird repellent emits a "rod" green laser with a diameter of 152 mm and a wavelength of 532 nm. The laser size is 532 nm/500-600 mW. It simulates the conditions under which organisms produce visual reflection. When the green laser rod is scanned, birds seem to see a green rod to achieve the effect of bird repellent. At present, it is an effective automatic laser bird repellent system.
Airplanes fear birds the most. You know, even if a bird weighing 500 grams (such as a pigeon) collides with an airplane at a speed of 370 km/h, it will produce as much as three tons of impact. For an airplane, it's almost as good as being hit by a shell. Therefore, the International Federation of Aviation classifies bird damage as an "A" type of aviation disaster.

Birds are afraid of green light, so they emit strong green beams from laser emitters, which is a great deterrent to "birds". The laser bird repellent emits a striking second-order green laser for visual safety, which frightens birds and makes them run away in panic when it is irradiated near them. It emits a green laser beam that can sweep 3,000 meters of runway and grassland in only 5-10 minutes. The product is suitable for night bird repellent work in airports, orchards, farmlands and other places.
Laser bird repellent is not only a new weapon that birds haven't seen, but also can make up for the shortage of bird repellent at night. Previously, artificial bird repellent, in the evening, because the naked eye can not see, shooting what is basically useless. Laser bird repellent can enhance the green light during the day, dim the light at night, and drive birds.
Compared with other bird-repelling methods, the bird-repelling method makes birds not adaptable, and all-weather, full-automatic scanning of the runway, making the environment of bird habitat and reproduction permanent deterioration. Laser bird repellent can operate uninterruptedly, and continuously sweep the grass and runway of the airport at dawn, dusk or night when there is no aircraft taking off and landing. Over time, the ecological environment that birds depend on to survive, live and forage in airport and its vicinity is affected, which makes birds gradually fear and eventually stay away from airport, thus preventing and eliminating bird collision accidents fundamentally.
With the new vision technology, bird controllers can change the scanning speed, angle and laser power of the laser beam remotely at any time, so that birds can be defeated without any chance of adaptability. The remote control can be realized by computer through Internet or ethernet, such as remote power failure, remote monitoring of airport bird situation, downloading logs, analyzing machine operation and changing scanning parameters at any time, so as to achieve the best bird repelling effect.