Raptor-20 Cultural Relics Cleaning Equipment

2019-09-27 keywords:More

Raptor-20 series laser cleaning machine has the characteristics of non-destructive cleaning and non-contact cleaning. The mechanism of laser cleaning is based on the cold ablation effect of interrupting bond, and its thermal effect is small or negligible. In the international arena, laser cleaning and protection technology for cultural relics has been widely used in the cleaning and protection of Museum relics and buildings. Laser cleaning of More Light will not cause thermal damage to the artwork itself. The laser cleaning equipment of RAPTOR-20 cultural relics developed by More has been exported to Europe and successfully used in the Dazu Stone Carving Art Museum in China. The cleaning effect is satisfactory and the customer acceptance is high.

Laser cleaning of Bryophytes
Laser Cleaning of Stone Carving Oxide Layer
Laser Cleaning for Dazu Stone Carving